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The NavCare

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For Providers

Stay up to date on care without being on call

Improving patient outcomes through people & technology to improve provider satisfaction.

Proactive & preventative health

The NavCare Model

Virtual care technologies, partnered with our experienced care team, enable any practice to support the continuum of care for preventative, follow-up, and chronic care management.

Our purpose is to change healthcare’s focus from reactive to proactive, particularly in the older and underserved populations disproportionately affected by underlying chronic health conditions

The NavCare Model Allows You to…..

  • Monitor your members’ engagement in care management activities.
  • Serve your members where they are, virtually & remotely
  • Customize your interactions with your members
  • Improve patient and provider experience
  • Enhance healthcare outcomes
  • Reduce healthcare cost

For Providers

Stay up to date on care without being on call. Conserve system time and resources while maintaining a high standard of care and positive patient outcomes

Deliver a Scalable Home Health Experience

Proactive and preventative health assessments, screenings, and vital tracking through connected remote monitoring devices, 24/7 Care Team support, and the NavCare Connect integrated health platform

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