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To say 2020 has been an unusual and stressful year is an understatement. Like any company in post-acute care, we started out the year very hopeful. And then a pandemic. Overnight we were faced with physician practices and senior living communities shutting down. Families isolated, unable to see their loved ones, and clinicians working longer hours to ensure those most vulnerable had the care and comfort they deserve.

We responded quickly to our customers’ needs during this unprecedented time, launching NavCare Connect, adding a patient-facing mobile app to ensure patients could stay connected to their doctors, and provide 24/7 clinician monitoring to bring peace of mind. Across the company we instituted and continue to practice rigorous safety and health standards and protocols to protect patients, clinicians, and our staff. Our care management team rose to the challenge, adding new RPM devices, like the partnership with Orpyx, to make sure patients with DPN could have preventative care, including the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers, in the safety of their home. At NavCare, we sought out and developed smart distributor partnerships, establishing a network across the country, bringing telehealth, RPM, and CCM to specialty practices struggling to meet the needs of their chronically ill patients. Our entire workforce, across NavCare, and Health at Home, rose to the challenges, and we were able to protect and grow from within.

At Health at Home, 5 of our 7 agencies maintained a Five-Star Rating for Quality of Care.

That’s an amazing testament to the dedication and commitment of our entire company.

With 2020 almost in our rear-view mirror, instead of saying “we made it,” we’re choosing to believe in something greater. To believe that 2021 is going to be a better year, full of great opportunity. To continue our mission to help patients and their families live better and healthier lives.  I hope that we will look back on 2020 as a year that made us stronger, as a company, as individuals, as families, and as friends.  May all of us have a healthy and happy holiday season and here’s to 2021!

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