Integrated, Comprehensive Chronic Care Management

Extending care for high-risk patients and populations is no longer an option–it is a value-based imperative.

From virtual to in-person, NavCare’s comprehensive, integrated chronic care management solutions increase clinical reach beyond the four walls to improve program utilization, patient outcomes and increase shared savings payments.

  • Complement and support existing care plans
  • Accelerate enrollment and generate revenue
  • Improve access to care and increase patient engagement
  • Analyze provider and program performance


Achieve maximum program utilization and generate additional revenue with prescriptive services and technology
  • Deliver population-level results and meet Medicare ACO initiatives with condition-specific education content
  • Improve quality and reduce cost of care with acuity-based outreach and 24/7 clinician support
  • Identify care gaps and optimize program performance with real-time reporting and actionable insights

The NavCare Guarantee

70% program penetration year one


Improve the family care experience with 24/7 clinical support reducing anxiety and hospital transports
  • Increase access to hospice care services and expand reach with RPM telehealth support for patients and families
  • Drive cost-efficiencies and reduce cost of care with tech-enabled alerts, reminders and notifications
  • Encourage and engage patients and families with 24/7 on call support and on-demand education content

The NavCare Guarantee

30% reduction in 911 calls

Hospitals & Health Systems

Create smooth transitions of care from acute to post-acute care environments
  • Identify and enroll high-risk patients and populations quickly with clinician implementation support
  • Increase patient engagement and improve outcomes with acuity-based outreach
  • Drive additional system-wide revenue and reimbursement with value-added services

The NavCare Guarantee

60% enrollment and program implementation in less than 3 weeks

Senior Living

Maintain independence at lower care environments with RPM telehealth and connected devices

  • Support value-based initiatives with virtual or in-person CCM  services and support
  • Improve care coordination and reduce staff burden with  community-based care coordinators and telemonitoring  support
  • Differentiate and create additional revenue streams with  specific, high-quality continuum of care programs