NavCare RPM-Connected Telehealth and Turnkey Support

Address the growing needs of Medicare patients and populations at the highest risk of COVID-19 and other underlying conditions with virtual telehealth condition monitoring, care plan management and 24/7 clinician support.

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Remote Patient Monitoring and Connected Devices

Patients receive a 2-way hub and tablet that enables providers to monitor the symptoms of COVID-19 and other underlying conditions. The virtual telehealth technology transmits data daily and keeps patients connected (reducing isolation), engaged, and on track with their care plans in the safety of their own homes.

Patient and provider features include:

Telehealth Video Visits

real-time video telemedicine via tablet

Emergency Button

a secure connection to clinical support 24/7/365

Proactive Alerts and Messaging

appointment and medication reminders

Condition-Specific Content

health and wellness education videos to engage patient

Secure Video Messaging

2-way communication for families, patients, providers

Enrollment & Documentation

clinician-managed enrollment and coding for billing and CMS reimbursement

Trend Reports

vitals dashboard and trends metrics to measure care plan compliance

Remote Monitoring Devices

a customizable suite of FDA, HIPAA-compliant Bluetooth monitoring devices (no internet connection or landline required)

Proven Results:


program penetration


reduction in 911 calls


enrollment in year one

Augusta, GA

“On the patient side, this is an excellent program for patients because not only do they get chronic care management but with the remote patient monitoring, we are able to best manage our patients, not only within the traditional four walls but also outside with their extended care management team.”

Dr. Janis Coffin, Chief Transformation Officer, Augusta Health