NavCare TCM

Timely Connections to Care

Comprehensive Care Management Platform

Provide timely and expanded care coordination, reduce readmissions and generate additional reimbursement with clinician (RN, LPN) in person or virtual outreach and community resource management.

  • Proactive outreach within 2 days of discharge
  • Appointment setting within 14 days
  • 30-day episode transition to CCM
  • Post-appointment check-ins
Transitional Care Benefits
  • Strengthen medication compliance and care plan adherence
  • Reduce clinical staff and case manager workload
  • Generate additional revenue and reduce costs of care
  • Improve quality outcomes and patient satisfaction
“With the shift to value-based payments, there are new tools and strategies for providing high-quality care that bring new revenue streams into the practice and TCM is one of those.”

The American Academy of Family Physicians

NavCare Connect

Comprehensive Care Management Platform Always on, Always Connected

NavCare’s easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate chronic care management platform transmits, tracks and trends patient data through a practice dashboard, giving providers real-time visibility into both patients and populations
  • Achieve maximum CCM and RPM enrollment in 3 weeks or less with rapid implementation
  • Improve care coordination and reduce staff burden with 24/7 clinician monitoring
  • Increase preventative care utilization with disease-specific assessments and pathways
  • Measure care plan performance with real-time reporting, actionable analytics and insights

Platform Features

Disease Specific Pathways

fully customizable for patients and populations

Educational Content

practice staff and patients

Seamless Workflows

integrates or can stand alone

2-Way Communications

on-demand and time-specific notifications

Secure Messaging

clinicians and care team communication


real-time vitals tracking, trends and alerts


every CCM, TCM, RPM encounter tracked


Provider performance insights

RPM Telehealth

CCM & PCM Solutions

In-Person Care

TCM Services

Revenue Opportunities

Extend care beyond the four walls of the practice and engage and educate patients and families with RPM, CCM, PCM services and 24/7 clinician support.

“My nurse is so helpful to me. She pulled local resources and recommended them and coordinated with my doctor’s office. Every time I talk to someone on my care team, they invest the time it takes to answer my questions and put me at ease. They are always so friendly and helpful.”

The NavCare Model

Expertly administered by in-house clinicians, the prescriptive approach engages patients quickly with condition-specific tools and acuity-based support, giving providers the instant visibility and insights they need to oversee and adjust care.